And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.
Khalil Gibran

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Slice of Me

What I'm listening to: Mumford and Sons on Grooveshark. Seriously, check out Grooveshark. Everything I've looked for is on there, and it is usable as a free service. There are more functions if you subscribe, of course, but it is still very good without giving them money.

What I'm Reading: Steven R. Lawhead's King Raven trilogy. I love historical fiction. This is a well written take on the Robin Hood legends, especially given that Robin Hood was already in the oral histories before King Richard and his brothers.

What I'm Loving: TOTAL Under the Big Top day camps. It's a circus arts day camp that both my kids are involved in this year. My son's was earlier in the summer. If you can imagine 4 and 5 year old kids putting on a show with clowning, magic, and "jungling" (as my son says juggling), you'll know why I liked it. My daughter is in hers right now, for the third year. She wants to do acrobatics for sure and is trying to figure out what her second activity will be.

What I'm Writing: A resume. I was doing industrial construction but I have been having problems with chronic pain. My doctor thinks it's fibromyalgia, and from what I've been reading I agree with him. Either way, no construction for me.

What I'm Playing: The Sims 3 : Generations. EA Games owns my soul. Especially since they bought out Bioware Games. Almost every single one of my much-beloved games is an EA title.

What I'm Watching:Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series, that is. I did watch the movie, and I was rather disappointed. Special effects do not a good movie make. Hire at least one good scriptwriter. The series, on the other hand, is amusing and fun to watch with kids... and occasionally without them.

What I'm Making:A frock coat and vest for the husband. I'm going for a more Victorian look than a Western look, but this is the pattern I'm using.

What I'm Lusting Over: An embroidery machine. I don't have anything specific in mind, or a budget for one, or space, or a need for one, but that doesn't really matter, does it? I blame it all on Urban Threads. I love her designs and I keep thinking of places I could put them.

What I Could Use: A better way to store my jewelry. This will probably be an upcoming DIY. Right now everything is piled up in a series of boxes. They're rather pretty, but everything is tangled.

Well, there we go, just a little selection of what is going on for me right now.

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